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Cabin Camping Checklist

Whether you are going rustic backwoods camping or renting a cabin in a state park. There are some common items that often get overlooked prior for leaving for a campers trip. Here are some helpful cabin camping checklist items to help make a cabin trip easier:

Top 10 "Must Have" Items for Rustic and or State Park Cabins

Rustic cabins often have many of the basic amenities and items cabin campers need for a comfortable stay. Here are some items that are helpful to complete any cabin camping trip.

  Item Solution - P=Primary, S=Secondary Comments
  GPS / Map / Atlas

Car Navigation, (P)

Hiking Navigation (S)


Often cabins and their locations are difficult to navigate to by car (especially after dark). Navigation equipment can be important if cabin camper is unfamiliar with route / area.

Keeping Foods from Spoilage (P)

Table (S)


Frequently cabins have fridges, however coolers help keep food and drinks cool for hours while sitting outside. Additionally, coolers can be helpful in transporting food in the car from home and/or supermarket to remote cabin location.
  Charcoal / Lighter Sticks Fire Starting (P)

Warmth (S)


Some privately owned cabins include charcoal in the rate. However, most cabins expect that cabin goers will bring all cooking supplies.
  (2)(4)(12) piece Cooking Dining Sets, Spatula/Ladle, Grill Utensils, General Camping Cookware Cooking Tending  (P) Some privately owned cabins include pots, pans and basic cooking tools. However, more remote private cabins and state parks do not stock general purpose cooking tools.


  Sunglasses / Visors / Hats

Sunlight Protection (P)

General Eye Protection (S) example: from twigs getting in eye


Driving to a cabin destination can mean driving in bright sun. It is important to protect the eyes while driving and hiking.
  Insect repellents Skin Protection from Biting Insects (P)


It is important to always carry insect lotions and suntan lotions since most cabins will not provide skin protection. Many cabins have tall unkempt grasses growing around cabin site meaning it is easy to pick up unwanted ticks, mosquitoes and other "no see em" type insects.


  Lanterns / Flashlight / Candles Lighting while cooking outside at night (P)

Illumination of paths while hiking / walking at night (S)


Most cabins provide inside, however many provide inadequate lighting outside (particularly around camp fire and grill areas).
  Duffle Bags / Containers Hauling items to Cabin Campsite (P)

Storage of gear and clothing (S)

Mainly cabins are located so cabin campers can easily drive into sites. However, sometimes cabins have very long stairwells or steps to walk along in order to get from car to cabin.
  Shampoo and Conditioner Hair Cleansing (P) 9/10 cabins do not provide shampoo and/or conditioner making it difficult to keep hair clean (especially when cabin camper spends most of his/her time doing outdoor activities).


  Towels and Drying Items Drying after showering (P)

Drying off wet camping furniture (S)


Generally cabins are stocked with very small towels (opposed to full body towels), and no extras. If more than 2 people are traveling, extra towels can be helpful.




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Camping Checklist

(Long Version):

Top 10 Necessities(above) Other Important Necessities Nice to Have Items Entertainment and Hobby Ideas


Fire Starters

Cooking Utensils / Tools

Sunglasses / Visors / Hats

Insect Repellents

Lanterns / Flashlights / Candles

Duffle Bags / Containers

Shampoo and Conditioner

Extra Towels


Suntan Lotion

Small General Purpose Tote/ Bag

Ziplock Bags

Waterproof Jacket / Windbreaker

Cool packs

Working Gloves

Cell Phone

Hiking Socks

Dish Soap

Food (meat, veggies, bread etc.)




Table Cover

Coffee/Tea Drinking Cup


Cooking Spices

Extra Blanket




Music CDs

CD Player / MP3 Player


Camera / Camcorder

Fishing Rod



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5 Fun Cabin Camping Ideas

Position wild bird food on a plate. Place plate on porch, and sit on chair on porch and bird watch with binoculars.

At night, put tea light into colored plastic cups (found in most grocery stores). Place cups all around eating area and outdoor sitting areas to illuminate with some fun color.

Bring MP3 player or CD player walkman with small speakers. Play music outside while by campfire or on patio.

Ask cabin owners  where best scenic routes are located in area. Drive around countryside and discover new scenic roads.

 Bring favorite magazine and cozy up with favorite blanket on patio, dock and/or favorite sitting area at sundown.


Navigation Equipment

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Brunton GPS

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